Active Care

Active Care

Focus is on diagnosing and treating current conditions: resolving inflammation, irritation, and pain as well as releasing nerve impingement, joint dysfunctions, and muscle dysfunctions.

Designed for patients with current injuries that need to be evaluated and treated.

If you are currently uninjured, but are interested in being evaluated for the specific risk factors that make you susceptible to overuse injuries, come on in! We'd love to take you through the Initial Exam, Functional Assessment, and Report of Findings and discuss what you can do to prevent future injuries.

Initial Exam - 60 minute appointment; $225 - $325
During the Initial Exam, the doctor will spend an hour discussing all of your concerns, performing a full spine and full extremity neuromusculoskeletal exam. The doctor will determine if treatment is appropriate during your first visit, however there are times where imaging (MRI, X-Ray) is necessary. Please come dressed in athletic clothing. Bring your shoes if you would like them assessed and any recent image reports. Please complete the online Initial Paperwork.
Active Care Treatment - 30 minute appointment; $50-200
Active Care visit follows the Initial Exam. The goal with Active Care is to resolve inflammation, irritation, and pain as well as release nerve impingement, joint dysfunctions, and muscle dysfunctions. Treatment will include spinal and extremity adjustments, fascial release, and various other techniques depending upon the condition. Each person and each condition is different, therefore the number of Active Care sessions will vary per person and per condition. Your doctor will discuss your plan.
Active Care Treatment/Functional ReEducation - 60 minute appointment; $231
Following your treatment (first 30 min) your doctor will take you through a personalized plan that focuses on reeducating and rebuilding your body into the right joint and muscle patterns. Stability, strength, and balance are taught during these visits (second 30 min).
Progress Exam - 30 minute appointment; $50-200
At periodic stages throughout your care, the doctor will perform Progress Exams. Progress Exams are designed to re-assess your body, check on how your body is responding to care and Functional ReEducation, as well as document what has been eliminated and is no longer a risk factor for you. If everything is progressing as expected, then we will continue with treatment. If you are not progressing as expected, we will work with you to narrow down the causes and discuss what may be hindering your progress. Typically, if a patient is not progressing, it is because they have not been diligent with completing their Functional ReEducation exercises or are experiencing interference from another internal or external factor. We will refine your treatment plan to get you back on track. Please schedule this visit if you have not seen a doctor in 6 months or greater or if you have a new concern. Your doctor will perform an examination and will treat your concern during the visit if appropriate.


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